Sister Indica featured at Exposed Studio and Gallery

The Spectrum earned its third gallery feature on October 12, 2018. Exposed Studio and gallery hosted the Phoenix Pride Artist Call Finals Exhibit. The show featured Sister Indica, the star of The Spectrum’s first ever video interview, as well as other incredible LGBTQ art.

Artist Statement:

"Drag Nun Sister Indica is a male presenting trans woman with both male and female energies encompassing her gender and sexual identity. Using drag as an outlet for her female identity, she encourages and inspires individuals to be their true selves. 

"People always ask me to describe what I’m doing [in drag] and I say I’m a mobile safe haven. Wherever I am, I am creating a space for you to feel completely at ease, to feel like you can totally just let your guard down - let that armor go that you may have been putting up throughout your life."     

Sister Indica unveiled her story for The Spectrum, a photographic movement, an illuminating journey through gender & sexual identity. “

We are very proud of this photograph and everything it represents!