Sister Indica is the star of the spectrum’s first ever video interview.

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[I Prefer] she and her, well, if I’m in drag. If I’m out of drag, whatever who cares, I don’t give a shit.

People that join the Sisterhood are all kinds of gender expressions, gender identities, or sexualities. You have straight women that are Sisters, there are some straight men believe it or not who are sisters, you have gay men, lesbians, all kinds, so I don’t really feel that my gender identity connects to the Sisters so I don’t want to commingle that. I don’t want to transition, but I know that I’m not a man. Thankfully, as time has gone on, people have realized that there is a huge spectrum. I would say I’m somewhere in the middle, you know, I feel like I have female energies about me and I have male energies about me. I’m really a mixture of the two, so in a way being a Sister is great for me because I really feel like I combine the two.

People always ask me to describe what I’m doing [in drag] and I say I’m a mobile safe haven. Where ever I am, I am creating a space for you to feel completely at ease, to feel like you can totally just let your guard down, let that armor go that you may have been putting up throughout your life. Which I realize is ironic because I’m literally in a mask so to speak, but in a way, putting the make up on and this sickening turban, allows another side of me to come out. Probably a lot nicer side.

I’m [also] a singer/songwriter. My voice is my instrument and I do a podcast. My podcast is a digital extension of my ministry as a sister and it is called Joy Bomb with Sister Indica. I interview fellow sisters, drag queens, friends, people in the community—people who have fun, interesting stories to tell.

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Photobombed by Sister Divine Ho.

Photobombed by Sister Divine Ho.