So, I think it’s just easier to identify as bisexual, like all around.

I just tell people that. But I think on a deeper level, hetero-romantic and homosexual. I don’t even remember where I first heard the terms, but I find it easier to be in romantic relationships with women and sexual relationships with men.

I hate the ‘you’re born this way’ [argument] because I think you can also be- through environment and experimentation- growing up my mom was always super opposed to pornography and she caught me watching pornography with women in it and she cried for like, seven days. I think that kind of molded me into steering away from women in a sexual manner.

So, women I see as a romantic thing and that’s where I wanna end up, with a wife and a family. But sexually, I just can’t. It’s just not me. I do see myself in a relationship with a guy. I dated a guy 9 months ago for the first time and I think as a I start to embrace this side of myself a little bit more, I do see myself ending along that path.

It was all throughout high school, people calling me gay.

Or I remember sitting on the curb outside my high school and cars driving by and yelling, “faggot” out the door. That kind of stuff, that’s all so high school and so juvenile. It happens in America. In Arizona, it’s happening.

I actually just started coming out a year ago. It’s something that I’ve known for a long time and everybody around me has known for a long time, but it’s just that I don’t talk about it. But since I’m in theater, I’m already comfortable with all this stuff [wearing lipstick]. I have no problem with dressing up in a dress, I’ve been doing this since freshman year of highschool!

I just never liked being put in a box, somebody putting me there.

I will tell you what I am if I want you to know who I am- when I want you to know who I am. But if I don’t want you to know then don’t try to assume things for me.